Shiatsu at work

Every year employers lose thousands of man hours due to ill health. This has a knock on effect within the working environment. Not only do the employers lose staff but, work is not done, deadlines are not met, productivity is reduced, team morale decreases, stress on the employee off ill increases, losses are made paying sick pay and overtime to cover. This has an overall detrimental effect to the employer and remaining staff.

A small solution to this is for employers to implement health care for their staff as preventative measures, stress reduction and for helping members of staff off sick to return to work quicker whilst creating a more positive, productive, supportive atmosphere in the work place. As discussed in the what 'benefits of shiatsu' page, back, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and stress are cited as the highest reasons for people to have time off work. Shiatsu has a fantastic success rate in helping sufferers to get relief from these and many more conditions.

I offer a work based block of treatments, where I visit your premises and give staff a 15 or 30 minute mini treatments, depending on the needs and schedule of your workplace. I offer a menu based system whereby I can do head, neck and shoulder treatment if time is limited, or back, head, neck and shoulders if I have 30 minutes to work on individuals. Alternatively the treatments can be tailored to the individual and I can work with them on the key issues they have at the time of treatment. This is an excellent way of improving the well-being of staff, that are either currently off sick or for maintaining healthy balance, as well as  for relaxing staff and improving concentration, productivity and morale. Also as a reminder Shiatsu is performed fully clothed so no time is lost waiting for staff to get changed or undressed, thus improving accessibility to all staff and increasing value for money to the employer.

I am happy to tailor treatment blocks to suit the requirements of the employer or company. The main condition that I require is a small quiet area or preferably room where staff can relax during their treatment. I can tailor the treatments to run over different parts of the day so as to coincide with breaks and quiet parts of the day. The other benefit to using this service is that I am the only practitioner you will see, therefore continuity in standards, quality and results will be the same time and time again. Unlike other organisations that may send out different practitioners, loosing continuity and familiarity.

As an example a 4 hour booking with me could provide 8, 30 minute slots whereby I could offer back, head, neck and shoulder treatments or specific work for individuals with current issues/conditions. Alternatively I offer a full working day with you and can see as many of your staff as I can in that time. Treatments can be in 15/20/30 or 50 minute slots to facilitate their working arrangements/needs. Along with this I would offer a discounted price to individuals subsequently booking in with me for full treatments. £30 per hour, (minimum of 2 hour booking), discount negotiable on full day and block bookings.

Happy healthy staff, are more likely to perform better, be loyal to the employer and have less time off sick.   

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your staffs requirements.