Hello and welcome, if you are looking for gentle, therapeutic bodywork that acts not only on the physical body, but also for your psychological and emotional needs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Oliver Cliff and I am a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner based in Clackmannanshire. I am a current Professional Member (MrSS) of the Shiatsu Society UK, having gained my practitioner Diploma in Shiatsu in 2005 after three years of study at the Aberdeen College of Shiatsu. Along with this I am a Graduate Member (GMBPsS) of the British Psychological Society after completing my BSc Honours Degree in Psychology, via the Open University between 2010 and 2016.

Shiatsu is a Japanese hands-on non-invasive bodywork therapy coming from the same oriental principles as Acupuncture and has been established in the UK for over 40 years. Literally meaning “finger pressure”, Shiatsu involves applying pressure with thumbs, hands and sometimes elbows, knees and feet. The amount of pressure varies enormously - from gentle palm healing to very deep and energizing- depending on the needs of the individual. Simple stretches and light manipulation may be used during a treatment. In a Shiatsu session I work gently on acupressure points, muscles, joints and circulation to bring your mind and body into balance. Each session lasts, on average, between 1.5 & 2 hours, depending on your needs on the day and incorporates around 60 minutes of body work. Sessions take place on a special padded mat on the floor called a futon, however a treatment table can be used if preferred or if getting on the floor is an issue. During the session you will remain fully clothed and each treatment is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Ki (energy) runs along the meridian networks of the body. If you imagine Ki to be water and a blockage as a dam, then when there is a blockage the water pools and stagnates on one side whilst becoming depleted on the other. Essentially the aim of Shiatsu is to remove the dam and allow the water to flow freely again. When blockages become problematic they not only affect local areas in the body but also start to disrupt the efficiency of internal organs, leading to internal conditions such as IBS as well as having an adverse affect on mental clarity etc. By manipulating these vital energy points through subtle stretching and pressure it assists in releasing blocked/stuck or stagnated Ki. Shiatsu is well known for aiding recovery from a wide range of chronic conditions, such as headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, PMS, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Shiatsu also works with the fascia system in the body and can help clients suffering from musculoskeletal complaints including; back, neck, joint pain, RSI's, injuries and trauma. 

Combining my understanding of Shiatsu and Psychology allows me to help my clients on both a physical and psychological basis promoting all round, health, healing and well-being. I also incorporate Reki and Shamanic elements, when appropriate, (both of which I hold certificates for) to work on the energetic and spiritual levels. My specialism is in fast tracking recovery from physical and emotional issues, I have success in helping people with long term chronic pain, back, hip, shoulder and neck complaints as well as in phobias, anxiety and depression. I have a deeply personal understanding for the need of bodywork and the impact injury can have on mind and body, having been involved in a serious motorbike crash in 2013.  By 2017 I weighed 18 stone, had a chronic back issue, flexibility issues and was dependent on prescription medication to control my pain. I couldn't physically or mentally go on like that so decided to make a change. I started working on myself daily and over 18 months regained my pre-crash health, came off all prescription pain medication, lost 5 stone in weight and was well enough to practice Shiatsu again.

I have learned countless lessons whilst working on my own rehabilitation journey that allow me to offer a unique and transformative approach to health and inner wisdom, which can benefit all who are interested in participating and recovering from their illness and staying well.