What happens during a Shiatsu treatment?

Each treatmentlasts for approximately one and a half hours. It takes place fully clothed, on a comfortable futon mattress, at floor level. It is best to wear loose-fitting tops and trousers, preferably cotton, to allow for movement. People who cannot lie on the floor can be worked on in alternative positions, to suit their needs. Alternatively a treatment couch can be used if required.

An initial talk around how you are and any areas you'd like to discuss or improve is followed by 50-60 minutes body work, a short rest and feedback. The whole body is usually worked on, along with any areas that you feel are needing attention or causing issues. Shiatsu is experienced as being both relaxing and enjoyable. Shiatsu is a fantastic way of getting back in touch with your body and is valuable you time.

It is recommended to avoid eating a full meal for two hours before the session and to rest for one hour afterwards. The effects of the session may be experienced immediately or several days after the treatment.

Treatments cost £40 and last 90 minutes

Gift vouchers available on request.

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Home visits available please contact for details

 Please ensure you give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation so that your appointment may be offered to another person, otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged.