I am delighted to tell you that I have been teaching my class in Self-Care with Shiatsu online since April 2020. Where I have seen fantastic results in those taking part in my online group Zoom sessions. As a result of seeing these group improvements and hearing their individual feedback of their health and wellbeing improving, I'm now confident in offering this on a one-to-one basis. In these one-to-one sessions we will be able to work on any problem areas of your body, via bespoke Self Shiatsu routines, targeted to your current needs making use of many techniques including self massage, stretches and meridian points. During each session we can also have time for talking which will help you to create space for your mind to return to a place of clarity and peace. By you working on your body and mind you are really taking your health in your hands.

There have been fantastic results reported to me from participants improving; shoulder and neck tension/pain, relieving headaches, improving back complaints and stiffness, increasing mobility/flexibility, improving mood, decreasing stress and anxiety, plus other overall health improvements. In the one-to-one sessions we can focus on what you want to improve or get comfort from.

This work will be something that will empower you with your own healthcare in between seeing myself or other practitioners. I am aiming to continue this service after lockdown is but a distant memory, so Self-Care with Shiatsu really can be an ongoing part of your healthcare practice. Together we can bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony, even from a distance.

Zoom session £30/£35 - 45/60 minutes, get in touch to book your session now.

Concessions available if you are struggling at the moment, my interest is your wellbeing.