Gaining positive results for my clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do, I am pleased to share with you some of the written testimonials I have received. 

Excellent shiatsu massage. Really massive improvement from just one treatment. Olly Cliff is a brilliant therapist who takes the time to discuss what you need. I would highly recommend him. Linda K.

Olly is very thorough, and very passionate about his work.
He used to help me with my back. Before he put his healing hands on Me I could hardly move, after treatment I felt wonderful. He gives recommendations of how to move the body and good knowledge of what your body needs to function in a good way. I would 150% recommended Olly. Tracy K. 

Olly is a wonderful therapist and his understanding of trauma puts him in a unique position to assist anyone needing help with anxiety, depression or related conditions. A true professional who I would not hesitate to recommend! Trish M.

I also received the following as a text from Trish.

Having to deal with trauma in his own life has put Olly in a unique position to help anyone suffering from depression, anxiety and related conditions. His ability to understand the mind and body is truly a gift and after only two visits I am beginning to feel human again! I would not hesitate to recommend Olly Cliff to anyone needing help with anxiety, depression, energy levels or injury. Trish M

Wonderful therapist, amazing treatment best sleep in years after one massage. Feeling so much better. Highly recommend Olly. Debbie O.

I can highly recommend shiatsu with Olly. He is a highly qualified practitioner and a dedicated therapist. I have had my 4th treatment with him recently and already feeling the benefits. Nancy B.

Absolutely fantastic therapist, can not recommend enough. He has really helped with my posture and learning how to relax. Have already booked my third treatment after just over a week. Chris O.

Olly is fantastic. After just the first appointment my bodies feeling great!!! Alison F.

I went along for help with headaches and hadn’t got a clue what to expect. But what an experience! I literally felt as though I was floating through de stressing and when I returned home was told that I looked 10 years younger. Definitely going again! Thanks Oliver. Jane K.

Olly was really thorough and took the time to ask why I was in pain so he could try and help. Since seeing Olly, the pain in my hip has virtually disappeared. Lauren T. 

Suffered constant pain from fibromyalgia caused by trauma during surgery 10 yrs ago. Nothing doctors offered me gave any respite. After chatting with Olly about this he went over his plan of attack and after one treatment I had 2 weeks almost pain free. He also noticed my pelvis was out of alignment and went ahead and sorted this too. I have went for walks, went shopping, cleaned house all pain free for the first time in an age. Absolutely trust this man. His knowledge is second to none in his field and seems to genuinely care. Now 2 treatments down and I actually fell asleep during treatment. Can't praise enough !!! Heather B.

Met Olly through going to a holistic fair. Can't explain it but felt drawn to him and so glad I took the step towards shiatsu. Got immediate relief from the taster session and I have followed up with more sessions since. Olly has an amazing way of peeling away all the layers and getting to the root of the problem. My shoulder pain that I have had for years no longer keeps me awake at night and we are continuing to address other areas to get the best of me. Olly is so easy to be around and makes you feel so welcome. I wholeheartedly recommend his trusted knowledge and practice. Susan L.

Highly recommend booking some me time with Oliver, he is a great therapist. 
He takes time to listen, fully appreciates chronic pain symptoms and how best to address these to give you relief. 
Just had my 3rd session and looking forward already to the 4th. 
Definitely worth investing your time in attending these appointments. Christina M.

Kindness, caring and compassion radiates from Oliver, puts you at ease with his very relaxed manner. An amazing therapist who knows exactly what your mind and body needs, makes you feel wonderful with those lovely healing hands, perfect manner and vast knowledge. Bless you Oliver. Brenda D.


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