With the Coronavirus Lockdown there has been many changes and adaptations to services across the board. As a result of being unable to see my clients face-to-face but still wishing to work with you on your healthcare, I have incorporated the Shiatsu and Psychology into an online service. Making use of the now proven Self-Care with Shiatsu class model but fully tailored to you needs. I am pleased to offer this new approach to you taking charge of your healthcare. Click here for more information. 


I am very pleased to announce an online collaboration event between Phil Blackburn and myself starting on the 3rd of June 2020. Phil from Pause & Breathe is teaching Qi Gong - which is a centuries-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health.  I will be teaching Self-Care with Shiatsu focused on different areas and topics each week.

Shiatsu and Qi Gong work on the same meridians and energy pathways so really compliment each other well. Our 4-week Shiatsu & Qi Gong course will empower you to take care of your body and mind. Shiatsu will give you some self-massage techniques, the Qi Gong will help move stuck energy around the body. Both calm the mind, and enable the body to embrace its own ability to heal.

For more information click the picture to see Facebook or Email: susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk to book in / with any queries.

It is with great pleasure that as of the 18th of November 2019 I will be at Optimise Wellness Centre on Monday afternoons from 1pm to 8pm. I will be offering Shiatsu in a variety of ways to suit your needs. I will also be starting a Self-Care With Shiatsu class, that will be aiming to empower and teach you how to work on yourself and others with some basic shiatsu techniques and acupressure points to ease pain and discomfort. Please see the posters for details.

On the opening weekend for #OptimiseWellnessCenter on the 16th & 17th I will be offering free Shiatsu tasters and talking to people about whats Shiatsu is, how it can help you and the many health benefits it has. Never has there been a better time to come and see firsthand what it is that I am telling you about.

So come down for a fantastic coffee and something to eat, find out what array of therapies are going to be on offer. I aim to accept drop in sessions, but making an appointment will save any disappointment . Look forward to seeing you!
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Never is there a better time to start investing in your health. The turn of the seasons, the changes in the weather, they all take their toll on your system. Aches, pains and long term conditions can flare up. Shiatsu massage is something that can really help with mind and body. 

September is Shiatsu Awareness Month as run by the Shiatsu Society UK, the governing body for all registered Professional Shiatsu Practitioners.  One of the questions that was raised this year was "When was your first ever Shiatsu treatment and how did you find it"? Well for me to answer that I need to give you a little bit more of a back story.

It was 2001 and I lived in Shetland and at the time was heavily interested in becoming a Chiropractor. By chance I saw an advert in the Shetland Times saying that there would be a Shiatsu practitioner called Milo Therwall coming to Shetland to do a weekend Course at Burra House.

I signed up to that weekend and at the age of 18 knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life, being a Chiropractor no longer had a look in. Having experienced a treatment from him and having the opportunity to do some basic work on other people I fell in love with Shiatsu and started to look around the UK for a place to train. I was so lucky to find Laura, Martin and Marie at the Aberdeen School Of Shiatsu. They were fantastic at training their students and passing on the knowledge and practical skills they had acquired over many years of practicing Shiatsu. I started my training with them in 2002 and qualified in 2005 and set up my own practice.

Having then had more treatments over the years of various disciplines, Shiatsu has always astounded me at how intuitive it is and how much more you can get from a good Shiatsu session, in regards to pain reduction, relaxation, improved flexibility and general well-being. I have always found it difficult to convey just how Shiatsu differs from other styles of body work, for people on the verge of trying it for the first time, I think that until you experience it you'll never really know or appreciate just how much that quality of touch can impact your life in so many positive ways. I'm so grateful that I saw that advert and took the decision to try it that first time. I personally take a day off each month to go for a Shiatsu treatment, this allows me to get some quality relaxation, maintain my health and well-being, experience Shiatsu and keep my energy levels up for seeing all of my own clients during the month.

Shiatsu works on far more than you may initially perceive. From deep relaxation, to aches pains, long term conditions and things like IBS. Shiatsu treatments promote healing of mind and body. Psychology is also a component of my sessions so I have clients that have seen me for anxiety, depression and phobias. There is also an element of lifestyle changes that can be made to fast track your desired results and lifestyle coaching and goal oriented planning can be worked on. Shiatsu is far more than meets the eye at first glance. Book in for some quality you time. For more information please get in touch.

I will be attending the Dunblane Holistic & Healing fair again on the 1st of December 2019. Where I will be offering taster session of Shiatsu. If you are interested in trying Shiatsu and having a great family day out I highly recommend popping along for a look around all the fantastic stalls.

I have been using Pulseroll products for some time personally and some of my clients have expressed interest in buying the vibrating peanut roller (which is fantastic at getting into neck, shoulder and other tight muscles) and the vibrating foam roller (which is great for larger areas like legs and back). I recently purchased the newer models of the above units and after speaking to the team at Pulseroll managed to get a £10 off voucher code that you can use with them on your order. At checkout enter Olivercliff10 and it will automatically take it off. Click the picture to go to the site or search them on google. If you want to see what the product is like and try it yourself     then just ask me for a demonstration at your next Shiatsu appointment.